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Pastor’s Pen 20220221

21st February, 2022

Dear Members of Eastminster,

Eastminster Re-Opening

I am happy to inform you that the Eastminster sanctuary will be re-opened for Worship Services beginning this coming Sunday, 27th February, at 10:00 am.  Many have told me how much they miss gathering in the sanctuary as well as congregational activities, we trust and pray that we have passed the last closure and that the COVID-19 pandemic situation will steadily improve.

As we open again, we will continue to observe the common protocols that have been in place in Ontario over the past twenty-three months – masks, hand-sanitation, and social distancing.  We will not, however, continue to sign-in and keep contact information as the health authorities throughout Ontario are no longer engaged in contact-tracing.  Please remember to stay at home if you have any cold, flu, or COVID symptoms.  Let us do all we can to continue to protect each other and, in that light, our online, iWorship Service, will continue to be available to those who cannot attend.

Live Streaming

Over the last couple of months, Carl Kap and Doug Knutson have been installing the hardware and software necessary to live-stream our services.  Our thanks goes out to both of them for their stellar work.  It is hoped that after a dry-run this coming Sunday, we will live-stream the Eastminster Service at 10:00 am each week.  For those who will continue to watch online this will mean that you will only be able to get our Service at 10:00 am on Sundays (not before).  However, a video form of the service will be made available shortly after the service time for those unable to view it at 10:00 am.  This may inconvenience those who liked to watch the service in the early hours of Sunday morning but we are very hopeful that the new product will have a better visual feel.

Church Committees, Groups, and Functions

The church is also re-opening for all committees, groups and functions.  For the time-being, we will continue to require double-vaccination status for indoor use and functions although we will have to re-visit this as provincial regulations change.  We trust that everyone will continue to be sensible and wear masks etc. while indoors.

Looking Forward

In the coming weeks and months, we will pass through Lent and Easter.  Our next Communion Service will be on Palm Sunday, 10th April.  We can then look forward to Easter Sunday Services on 17th April, a Blessing of the Pets Service on April 24th, and then what is hoped to be a wonderful Anniversary Weekend on 30th April and the 1stMay.  As a congregation we really need something to get us moving and excited again and we hope that you will join us for these wonderful events.  We postponed our 65th and 66th anniversaries due to CoVID, but will celebrate 65, 66, and 67 on the May 1 weekend with The Rev. Dr. Ross Lockhart. 

Some may remember that Dr. Lockhart served the St. Matthew’s congregation in Belleville in the 2000s.  He is currently the Dean of St. Andrew’s Hall and Professor of Mission Studies at The Vancouver School of Theology at UBC.

We look forward to a Saturday morning event on 30th April and Sunday morning worship with Dr. Lockhart on 1stMay. The Rev. Dr. Ross Lockhart

More Anniversary news to come …

Until then,


Pastor David